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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Be Careful in Bathroom...

My mum fell in her bathroom a couple of times and that caused her a serious pelvis injury. She has been limping and suffering from terrible pain that she needs to use a walking stick for support. She has been under ongoing painful medical treatment at the moment.

My colleague told me that he is scared to travel alone after one accident in a hotel bathtub. He fell unconscious & was fortunate to wake up again himself. He had no idea how long he was fainted. Eversince, he took his wife with him whenever on business travel.

My friend wrote to me recently (end March) to share his pain in loosing his father. The father was healthy but unexpectedly fell in bathroom and passed away before the paramedic arrived. It is very sad....

I always thought incidents in bathroom always happened to elderly and those who are less healthy. In my mind I am young & strong enough to manage myself from slip/trip. Especially so because my bathroom is a dry type and carpeted, the possibility of slipping is almost nil. Also, I rinsed bathtub well everytime I finished.

However, accidents always happened when we are in the least expected mind. Today, I fell in my bathtub and was almost fainted. I managed to force myself to crawl to the door & unlocked it despite my vision was blacked out.

It happened just after I finished my shower and about to get out from the tub. As usual I hold on the handrail & all the sudden the handrail fell off...! I fell with my rib on the edge of the tub. It happened too quickly that there was no chance for me to do anything to safe myself. I couldn't breathe from the terrible pain and felt blacked out and thought was going to faint. I fought myself to crawl to the door & my husband carried me to the bed. He helped massaging my back so that I could breathe. I was speechless as I was in pain while he continuously asking me where the pain is.

I'm sharing the story here because it can happen to any of you and can be more serious than mine....! The moral of the story....BE CAREFUL IN BATHROOM...!


  1. Salam Along..ish ish ya la kan, kadang2 kita terleka yang kemalangan boleh berlaku dlm rumah kita sendiri jek! Apapun diharap mak Along akan beransur pulih segera..Aha, Alongpun nasib x teruk dan boleh kembali normal lepas jatuh dulu eh..syukur alhamdulillah..

  2. I slipped and fell in my shower long bath last mth too. Luckily nothing serious though I again hit on my right arm which was injured during my fall last Sept at Batam.
    Hope everything is alright with you.

    Alice, Spore

  3. take care ye Along..doa agar Along in good condition ya. btw noted on your advice.


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