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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mee Jawa

Mee Jawa is very popular in Sarawak and somehow today I'm in a mood to make my own.

Recipe is in BM, a bit lazy to translate...

Kulit Kayu Manis & Bunga Lawang

3 sudu Cili Mesin
½ biji Bawang Besar*
4 ulas Bawang Merah*
2 ulas Bawang Putih*
½ inci Halia*

½ inci Lengkuas* (*Mesin)
3 sudu Rempah Kari
1 genggam Udang Kering - mesin halus
3 biji Ubi Kentang – rebus & lecek
1 sb Tepung Jagung - bancuh dgn air
300g Daging Lembu – hiris kecil & rebus sehingga empuk
1 kiub Stok Daging Maggee
Jus Asam Jawa, Garam, MSG, Gula Merah
1 kilo Mee Kuning – celur sebentar

Bhn tabur - Taugeh, Tahu Goreng, Telur rebus, Cili, Limau, Daun Sup

1. T
umis Kulit Kayu, Bunga Lawang & cili mesin sehingga wangi.
Kacau sehingga pecah minyak.
Masukkan bahan yg di mesin & serbuk kari.
Masukkan udang kering & kacau sebati.
Masukkan kentang lecek, air rebusan daging, air & kiub Maggee.

Masukkan tpg jagung, air asam, garam, MSG & gula.
Masak sehingga agak pekat.

2. Hidangkan kuah dengan mee & bahan tabur.

English translation to meet the request.....

Cinnamon stick & Star Anise
3 tbsp Chili Paste
½ Big Onion*
4 Shallots*
2 cloves Garlic*
½ inch Ginger*

½ inch Galangals* (*blended)
3 tbsp Curry Powder
1 handful Dried Prawns - blended finely
3 Potato – boiled & mashed
1 tbsp Cornflour - mix with some water
300g Beef – slice thinly & boiled until tender
1 Maggee Mee cube
Tamarind juice, Salt, MSG, Palm Sugar
1 kilo Fresh Yellow Noodles – blanched

Garnishing - Blanche Bean Sprouts, Fried Beancurd, boiled Eggs, Chilies, Limes, Chinese Celery

1. Heat up some oil & fry Cinnamon, Star Anise & chili paste until fragrant.
Add in blended ingredients & curry powder.
Add in dried prawns & stir well for a while.
Add in mashed potato, beef+stock, water & Maggee cube.

Add in cornflour paste, tamarind juice, salt, MSG & sugar.
Boil until thick.

2. Serve noodles with gravy and garnishes.


  1. Roz,
    Mee Jawa is my favour but unfortunely there is no English translation.
    Apppreciate you can let those who like to taste our Sarawak dishes with only little understand of BM.
    I love your blog very much. Everyday I must open your blog to get some idea esp. Malay food. Hopefully can try some of your food esp. chicken during the weekend.
    From LCChan

  2. Dear LCChan, I will post the English translation on your request at convenience. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Wow!!! Looks so delicious. Couldnt wait to try this recipe.


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