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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Assorted Swiss Rolls

Michelle and I made appointment to do swiss roll project today's afternoon. Since we both shared the same passion in baking, we feel that it will be fun to team up and test some recipes with assorted fillings. We managed to make 3 rolls in half afternoon and were very thrilled with the result. Thanks to Mamafami for the superb recipe. The roll was very soft & light. We also tested another recipe which I don't remember the source that Michelle has extracted (the one in green). The texture is a bit heavier but also quite soft.

The above 3 rolls: Pandan flavour with blueberry jam filling, Strawberry jam filling and Nutella filling.

A. Herewith the recipe from Mamafami which I've rewritten to suit myself:

(14" sq or 12" sq)

6 Eggs

4 oz Castor Sugar
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
1 tbsp Ovallette
3 oz Flour (I used Hongkong flour)
1 tbsp Milk Powder
4 oz Butter - melted

1. Place all ingredients, except butter, in a mixing bowl.
Beat on high speed for 5 to 7 minutes until thick.

Pour in the melted butter. Mix well.
Set aside 1 scoop of the batter and mix with preferred color. Pour into a piping bag.

2. Spread the white batter onto the tray layered with silicon paper.

Pipe colored batter onto the white batter.
Use a stick to create batik effect.

3. Bake in a preheated oven at 170C for 20 minutes.

Let it cool.
Turn the cake onto another piece of paper and spread jam/nutella/cream.
Slowly and carefully, roll the cake.
Sliced it and ready to serve.
If you're using buttercream for the filling, please refrigerate for a while before cutting.

B. The second recipe:

(9" x 12")
3 Eggs
65g Sugar
80g Cake Flour
20g Unsalted Butter - melted
1 tbsp Pandan Paste

1. Beat eggs & sugar until thick.
Add in flour in 3 batched while mixing with slow speed.
Add in melted butter & mix well.
Add in essence vanilla.

2. Pour into prepared tin.
Bake 170C for 15 minutes.

3. Spread with preferred filling & roll tightly.


  1. Kite suke sgt nutella... yg cekelat perisa nutella mesti best!!!

  2. wowww...i'm impressss.. kacak juak kek kitak yaa...maok juak kmk try molah sikda loyang besa n oven kiut jak.hehee... mun dah sampey seruk kelak kamek refer resepi tok lah...thanks :)

  3. Cantiklah swiss roll along... licin je surface dia macam pipi pakai foundation la... hehehe..

    Bestkan kalau ada kawan yang leh geng up and try new recipes! Double the joy kalau resepi tu menjadi. Kalau resepi tu tak jadi, you can just console each other.. betul tak!

  4. Ijan,
    Ank2 along pun suka yg nutella tu.

    Mun kitak sikda loyang besar, bagi 2 leh juak guna loyang kecik, kelak kiut ajak roll ya.

    hehe...licin & tegang mcm cucuk botox lak...mmg best respi mama ni... We both enjoyed & very satisfied with the result. TQ!

  5. cantiknya your swiss roll ,ada pattern lagi!! nak nuat ikut your recipe but tak ada ovallete la..selamat berpuasa:)

  6. selamat berpuasa!!!tak sabar nak tgk masakan kat blog ni hari2...

  7. cantik ur swiss rolls... i suka pattern yg u buat...very neat..

  8. Kak Along,

    Kalau tak ada susu tepung tu, nak digantikan dengan apa ya?

  9. hi
    im irani here...
    i've tried your swiss roll...its nice and very soft.Can i use cake flour instead and omit milk powder?
    hong kong flour tastes abit bitter for me...
    still the cake was nice :-)


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