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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cheese & Chocolate Layered Cake II

I've been looking for this recipe for years but no one willing to share. Finally I managed to get it from my husband's relative in exchange with my recipe that she likes so much. I like to share the recipe here but permission not granted and much apology to all. There was one version I made earlier here although the texture is quite different. I will look out the recipe from another relative and hopefully she will let me share here... be patient & meanwhile enjoy the photo.


  1. why are some people so stingy on sharing their recipes with others? i really don't understand this. Ultimately, that recipes not gonna help you on your death bed! pfft

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    When ones promise others they have to honour it. If they are stingy, they will not share with others in the first place. Sometimes they have good reasons especially when it is their source of income. When people share with me their recipe with such condition, I iwll just have to honour it for the sake of friendship. Breaking promises will be questioned when you are in the grave... Hope you can understand and give respect. Thanks for your view.


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