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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rice Porridge II

I've not been feeling well and the doctor asked me to refrain from oily food consumption for a week in order to do pancreas test this weekend. I've lost appetite this few days and rice porridge is just the right solution - just swallowed down the throat with not much fuss... Hopefully I survive the remaining Ramadhan with rice porridge only.....uwaaaaa!

1/2 cup Rice - washed
3 cups Water/Beef Stock
Boiled Beef Shreds
1/2 Potato
- diced
1/4 Carrot
- diced
Spring Onions & Fried Shallots for garnishes

1. Place rice & water in a rice cooker (porridge setting).
Boil until the rice becomes porridge.
Add in potato & carrots & beef stock.
Cook further until soft & tender.
Add in Salt.

2. Serve with soya sauce, chili oil & garnish.

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