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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Liana First Solid Feed - Avocado Puree

The child specialist doctor that we saw yesterday advised that it is time for baby Liana to start on her solid food. I decided to start her with Avocado puree. The reason I chose it because I want to start my baby with something natural & prepared at home instead of the bottled or processed food. Avocado makes a great first food for baby due to its texture and creaminess as well as its high nutrient content.

The first time introduction was 1 tsp & Liana's reaction was positive. She enjoyed it very much which I can tell from her kicking & smiling reaction.

Buy medium soft avocado.
Peel avocado & grate the flesh with the finest grater.
Grate just amount needed (1 tsp for the first introduction). 
It is now ready to be fed to baby.


  1. Nyum nyum, happy eating dear Liana. Psst KakRoz, post some pics of Liana chewing ya! Sure cute kan! Owh this gal buat Love geram jer! Hehe.

  2. aloloo...dah start makan dak kecik nih...makin laa comey makan avocado tuh mesti nanti dah besar xde masalah nak makan jenis2 sayuran kan liana..hehee...

  3. Hi Roz,

    This is so cool! I shall keep your recipe in mind when my little Princess is able to take her first solids.

    I have a question, though... instead of using a grater, if I were to puree the avocado using a blender, would that do? (I can use the balance to make a smoothie... *grin*).

  4. Hi F&G,
    I did not use blender to avoid it becoming too runny, unless you have the type that can process without adding water. Furthermore, with grater I can grate just the amount required which is very samll portion (1 tsp) only needed. The remaining can go to my stomach...hehe.

  5. May I suggest u buy an avocado still with the "tangkai" on. When the small tangkai gets loose and comes off, that's when it's ripe.
    When it's ripe, u can just scrape the flesh like butter (no need grate, cos unripe avocadoes got the "kelat" taste), taste wonderfully nice, especially when made into milkshakes or cheesecakes.. I made Avocado Cheesecake once.

  6. Wendy,
    Thanks for sharing the tips. Will bear that in mind.


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