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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Liana 5 Months

Today Liana is 5 months old and she can turn... (although she doesn't really like it & prefer to sit up on her rocking chair or get carried).

Took her for the regular vaccination yesteday and surprisingly she did not put on weight since the last 2 months. Must be due to the sickness after travelling whereby she lost some weight. Although she has gained some weight back eversince, the chart shows a static trend. Checked with our baby specialist and he suggested that it is time for Liana to start on solid food.


  1. Owh!!! How can I pinch this sweet little chubby gal??? So attractive la! Geram Love tgk tau! Bite my own lips nih! :) hehehe jgn mare kakRoz!

  2. Olololololo tomeynya dia... geram aunty tengok tau... kalau dapat ni, aunty ciummmmmm pipi montok dia tu tau... biaq pi la aunty punya hidung penyek pun, cium tetap cium! Hehehe...

  3. alah geram sggh tgk oeha Liana neh. Tante rse cam nak gigit2 tau. Dah nampak peha liana cam drum stick dah haa. Alamak abes la nnt Tante kene serang ngn mommy Liana hahahaha..Love Liana! Muaks!!


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