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Monday, November 30, 2009

Cheesy Fries

I made this yesterday for the boyz at home. Seen it at Nur's house (My Little Kitchen) few days ago and so happened I had some left over cheddar cheese in the fridge. I didn't bother to measure according to the recipe but turned-out alright. Nur used orange color cheddar cheese which turned-up more attractive than mine - see here for her version.

Here how I made my cheese dip:
1/4 block cheddar cheese (about 60g) - shredded
Fresh Milk - just enough to cover the shredded cheese
Some Mustard Powder
Some Paprika Powder

1. Place all ingredients in a saucepan & stir until cheese melts.
2. Pour on top of potato fries (I bought frozen fries & deep fried).
3. Piped some mayonnaise on top.


  1. ermmmm...nyummy...menari2 lemak lam perut ku nnt bila makan ni along...

  2. Cheesy Fries! If someone hand over the good dish like the picture to me struggling with PC in business, how happy I am. Good eye-eating, thanks.


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