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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ukak (Sarawak Durian)

 Ukak is a type of Durian found in Sarawak. The main distinction to typical Durian from Peninsular is that its vivid orange flesh firm to touch, smaller size and it has hair around the stem. The taste is almost similar to typical durian with its infamous stench. Now is durian season in Sarawak & manage to fetch some Ukak on the way home from my hubby's kampung.


  1. wah!!..beautiful golden color, this must be a special kind and only found in sarawak yaa.

  2. 1st time tengok durian yang unik ni...kalernya kuning sgt, tentu rasanya sedap, kan!!

  3. So cute! Did it taste like regular durian?

  4. Zue,
    Yes, it has the same taste like the regular ones. There is another kind which looks the same (forgotten the name) but does not taste like durian at all.

    Memang sedap Za sebab isi nya tak lembik sgt mcm durian tp rasa nya lemak2 mcm durian juga.

    Not sure whether can find this in other part of the Borneo but certainly not in Peninsular/Spore.

  5. We Dusuns call it Sukang in Sabah. Btw, nice blog you have. :)


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