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Monday, December 28, 2009

Red Chicken Curry

My children prefer to have chicken dish again today despite we had chicken dishes in every meals in the last many many.... weeks eversince AlongRiz is home for semester break. I almost ran out of idea but somehow my creativity ran wild.... why not cook curry but not the typical way... let's not put any Santan and replace it with tomato sauce instead... yeah, so I tried.... The outcome was surprisingly delicious and very good compliments from children and hubby....hehe... fiushhhh... at least I survived for today....hehe. I will recommend this dish for you to try if you are looking for something non-ordinary dish.

Here is the recipe, no accuracy needed:

1/2 chicken - cut to smaller pieces
4-5 Shallots*
2 cloves Garlic*
1/2" Ginger* (* pounded)
1/2 cup Chili paste
3 tbsp Curry Powder - mixed with water to form paste
Mixed spices (cloves, cinnamon stick, star anise & cardamon)
1/2 cup Tomato sauce
Salt & Sugar

Heat up few tbsp oil & fry pounded ingredients* & mixed spices until fragrant.
Add in chili paste & continue stirring until fragrant.
Add in curry paste & continue stirring until oil surfaced.
Add in Tomato sauce, chicken, salt & sugar.
Add in little water if necessary to prevent sticking to bottom of pot.
Cover & cook until chicken is done.


  1. woww..nampak menyelerakan sekali..macam sardin pun ada..makan ngan nasik putih sure sedap!

  2. Wow!!! So tempting la ur curry kak! Love want some pls...:)

  3. woohooooooo bagus2. bagus utk haku yg berdiet nih. Sayanggggggggggg Along. Muahhss utk menantu aku ya..

  4. Terliur ni tgk colournya tu..mengancam!


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