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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kuih Kosui Gula Apong

My hubby & I did not really like Kuih Kosui due to its undescribeable taste & smell (rasa kxxtxt) but looking at the recipe I couldn't understand why that is so. Somehow, I gave it a try today in order to clear up Gula Apong stock in my pantry. To our surprise it turned out to be delicious with nice aroma. The sweetness is moderate & not too sweet. Those who like this kuih must try this version.

The recipe I tried is from a magazine but while adding water I was not confident that the measurement from the recipe is correct. I decided to stop after adding only half of the water as it was already very runny. For aroma & color I added some browning which I bought by mistake (this is not the correct one for Sarawak cake):

I guess the browning must have enhanced the kuih flavour. My two sons thought I made chocolate kuih and they cannot guess it has no chocolate in it. So here is the recipe with modified amount of water and browning added to it:

(Makes 8" round)
300g Gula Merah (I replaced it with Gula Apong)
200g Sugar
300g Flour*
100g Tapioca Flour* (* added) 
1tsp Air Kapur (Lime water)
Water (see method for measurement)
1 tbsp Browning
Fresh Grated Coconut

1. Place both type of sugar in a pot with little water & cook until sugar is dissolved.
Add water until it measures 1000ml (1 liter).

2. Slowly add sugar mixture into flour while stirring.
Mix well until smooth.
Add in Lime Water & browning.

3. Pour into oiled tin & steam above rapidly boiling water for 45 minutes.

4. Completely cool the kuih before cutting & coat with coconut.
Note: while hot, the kuih is sticky and goey. Don't panic, it will firm up once cool.


  1. Sue biasa buat kosoi mmg guna gula apong jek n kena letak browning sebab nak bagi kaler hitam kan..dulu2 biasa tgk kakak buat gitu,jadik terbiasa lak..
    Kalo x guna gula apong guna gula merah semata2 ke along?

  2. Rajinnye Along menguih... kuih kasui pulak.... sedap sedap :)

  3. Hi, what flour is it? rice flour or cake flour? thanks.

  4. Sue,
    oh yake, ingatkan along je yg letak browning...kikiki. Gula merah ganti gula apong, gula putih dh mmg dlm resepi tu.

    Surprise memang sedap....

    It just plain wheat flour.


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