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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cucur Badak

Today's breakfast is light with just kuih-muih - banana bread which I made last night & Cucur Badak (usually we have something heavier & more filling like noodles, pasta, nasi lemak, burgers, etcs). That is because I was craving for this kuih which I used to eat almost everyday during my school days.

I made mine petit size, the same size sold by the makcik along the street near my house. The price of one Cucur Badak at that time was only 5 cents.... (cheap eh...)!!

There is no accurate recipe necessary. Here is how I made it:

By: Roz@HomeKreation
1-2 cups Fresh grated coconut - finely grated (if coarse, pund it slightly) 
1-2 Red Chili*
2 Shallots*
1 Lemongrass* (* pounded) 
1 tsp Turmeric
- Mix all & stir fry until well mixed. Do not fry too long.

Sweet Potato - boiled & mashed
Add sufficient flour to form dough.

1. Take small portion of the dough & flatten.
Fill with coconut filling.
Wrap & place a shrimp on it (press hard into the skin otherwise the shrimp will come off it when fried).
Do for all remaining.

2. Deep fry until golden.


  1. OMG, my fav cucur badak! Love the spicy filling! Pls pass me some kak! hehehe ;)

    Brought U some Sardine Egg Paratha! :D

  2. Love,
    Your sardine paratha is yummy! Love it...

  3. One of my favorites actually tapi malas nak buat sebab banyak kerja. Nak kena rebus keledek la, nak bancuh la... nak buat intilah... hihihi.. kalau tengah tak rajin tu, macam-macamlah alasannya!

    p/s : Along, NEVER GIVE UP Long. Cuba buat sampai tak de freckles! ALONG BOLEH!!!! Kita adalah email kat kawan ni, beritahu kita dah berjaya buat apam freckles-free. Dia kata...(quote)You are the most determined person I've ever met(unquote) Hehehe... I am!

  4. Mamafami,
    Sounds like byk kerja but it was not that bad. I made mine less than 1 hour. Bila dh nak kempunan tu tak kira lah mama, laju jer...hehe.

    Wah, thanks mama for your inspiration. Now it is my turn to get over the Eno curse! hehe... will let you know if I'm successful!

  5. Bestnye cucur badak minum pulak dengan air teh O tue.... sepinggan pun boleh habis ni Along.hehe..

    Like your 'chicken' next to the cup. Kiut je... kalau ada jual kat sini kite beli dah :D


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