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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Apam Serabai

The Serabai batter that I made this morning produced quite a big batch despite I already halved the portion. I recalled that Hana turned it to Apam successfully so I tried to do the same with little tweak by adding some palm sugar syrup to the leftover batter. I used the small apam moulds below which had been unused since purchased quite sometime ago.
Mine above turned up not bad but will only give myself 3 out 5 rating as I prefer a lighter texture of apam. Anyway, typically Apam Beras are heavier than the modern apam. My children & hubby just had one piece each & that's it.....


  1. hi,

    Was wondering where did you get the apam moulds for steaming from?


  2. Hi SL,
    Are you from Miri? I bought it from KST.

  3. Thanks for your reply.
    Nope, not from miri. From kuching, currently in KL..
    Not too sure if those shops that sells lot of pots and pans have it?


  4. SL,
    Try shops selling baking ingredients & utensils.


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