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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Finally my desire for Serabai is fulfilled after 11 years of postponing... yes I said it correctly, it is 11 years! 11 years ago when I bought Amy Beh's cooking book I was so excited about it that I asked my sister to courier the mould from KL right away. For whatever reasons I never get it done eventhough it had been in mind most of the time. The main reason because I was too busy to go get the fresh coconut from the market. It is a lot easier to get things done when ingredients can be stored and just waiting when the time and mood are good.

Many thanks to Mamafami to bring my desire to reality. The ingredients from Mamafami's blog are simple but require some time for fermentation and hence can only do it in the weekend when I'm not working. So it is time for Miss Virgin of Serabai Mould to slave itself to its master....hehehe.

Here is the recipe taken from Mamafami's house but I've halved the recipe & rewritten it to suit my reference. She took the recipe from MyR-Deeja. So thanks to both of you.

(Makes>30 pieces)
250 g Rice Flour
150 g Cooked Rice
( blend with a bit of water)
500ml Coconut Milk
3/4 tsp Instant Yeast

1. Mix all the ingredients well.
The thickness is similar to Kuih Cara's batter. 
Keep in a covered container & ferment for at least 2 hours.
See photo below after 2 hours fermentation:
2. Heat the serabai mould or use a small non stick pan & grease with a bit of oil.
Pour the bater 3/4 full into the serabai mould.

HomeKreation Note: I did not stir the batter after the fermentation to ensure it bubbles up.
Cook on small fire until bubbles appear on the surface & burst.
Lift out once the surface dry up / cooked (no need to flip).
1/2 cup Palm Sugar
1 cups Coconut Milk 
1-2 bananas - cubed
1 screwpine leaf
- knotted

1. Mix all the ingredients in a pot.
Cook till the syrup thickens.
2. Cool & serve
on top of the Serabai.


  1. Looks a bit like the Indian's Apom.
    Guess it taste yummy!!!

  2. Salam akak...opppsss ni acuan serabai moden ke, biasa diorg guna kuali serabai tu kann......ha ha ha bagus gak ni, selain blh buat pankek boleh wat ni jugaaa...
    Amboiiii..lately ni serabai makin popular pula..sana sini dok tayang ni....tak boleh jadi ni..kena gak cari kat kedai ni...keh keh keh..ayat-ayat owang malassss

  3. salam kak roz,
    cantiknya serabai kak. kat tmpat saya, serabai kue jenis lain. tapi, masa fermentation mesti seronok tunggu dia naik, kan? hihi

  4. saya tak pernah buat serabai... thanks for the resepi

  5. Wendy,
    The taste & texture not the same. The Indian Apom is a bit elastic but this one is soft. It taste yummy with the syrup.

    Wsalam. Oh, ada kuali serabai yg lain ke? Jgn cari alasan, takda kuali serabai, kuali ketayap pun boleh juga tau... cepat buat jgn tak buat...hehe.

    Wsalam. Oh ada serabai cam lain ke? Kalau ada gambar tunjuk dgn along ya. Kat Sarawak ni Serabai dia pun lain juga tapi takda lak org nak share resepi.

    Along pun first time buat, nilah baru tau camna rasa nya. Cuba lah wana, mmg ada kelainan kuih ni.

  6. salam along...
    Saya pun ada acuan tu, tapi kan hari tu masa guna, dia melekat..wal hal saya dah gosok dulu bagi licin....jeles nihh tgk serabai along...lobang dia lawaa..

  7. Mat Gebu,
    Along tak gosok pun, basuh cam biasa je acu tu. Tapi Along panaskan dulu dgn minyak sebelum guna. Setiap lubang tu Along buh dlm 1/2 st minyak. Dah panas, tutup api, rata2kan minyak tu. Pas tu terus bubuh tepung kuih tu api kecil.

  8. Hi Kak, wow serabai looks interesting lor! Tks for sending it over! yummm yummm! :)

    Actually Love tak makan thosai much...hehehe! not a fan. Makan pun 1/2 je! But I prefer thosai with ghee and sugar! hahaha...

    And U know what kak...I never made any thosai, no capati, no puri! :(

  9. Salam.

    Where can i get the mould for Serabai? How much BTW if u can share.

  10. Dear Annymous,
    My sister bought it for me in KL (not sure where exactly) more than decade ago. I didn't ask how much, don't think it is expensive.


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