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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kuih Bom Dayang Senandung / Kuih Bom II

These black boms really exploded hard but I learnt the lesson fast - lift them out from the frying oil just before it start cracking & explode and it works. This is the whole family's favourite plus it is a rare species (cursed Dayang Senandung.... hehe)

So this morning, we had kuih-muih style of breakfast (this kuih besides Bahulu Batik) which is light and after messing up the kitchen so much, I now have to think what to cook for lunch....huuuuu...

The recipe is taken from an Indonesian website and got to guess for the translation.

(I did not count but guess it makes >30 small pcs)
300g Glutinous Flour
60g Black Glutinous Flour
60g  Tapioca Flour
3 tsp BP
400ml Hot Water

3tsp Shortening
Sesame seeds for coating
Mung Bean Paste for filling (ready made)

1. Mix all dry ingredients & rub in shortening.
Gradually add in hot water to form a dough.

2. Take a small portion & fill with mung bean paste.
Shape it round & roll in a bowl of sesame seeds.

3. Deep fry in a lot of oil above small fire until cooked.
Drain on a kitchen towel.


  1. Alahai..kuih bom warna perang lom sempat buat, Along dah keluarkan pulakkkkk yang warna hitam. Lepas ni nak keluar warna apa plak Long? Huhuhuhu....bilalah nak buat kuih bom niiii... Tapi kan, kalau ma nak buat pun kan, nak cheating la.. nak guna red bean paste yang dah siap tu.. boleh kan? Sapa kata tak boleh...kita yang buat dia kan kan kan.... ahakss...

  2. Mamafami,
    Brilliant lah mama ni, tak terpikir lak boleh buat kaler2 kuih bom ni kan...hehe. Along pun pakai ready made je inti tu mama sebab tu takda letak respi inti...hehe...mama tertipu...


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