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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Honest Scrap Award from Wendy & 3E

Thanks Wendy of "Table for 2 or More" and 3E.

The award came with request to share 10 honest truths about me:

1. I'm in mid 40s, short and petit in size & has always maintained the same size "S" for clothes & 36 for shoes. (My secret? Ask later... wink2).
2. All my past & current bosses said I'm dedicated at works but my mind is always for home.
3. People thought I am too career minded but the truth is I just did my best while in the office hours (& gotta make sure the brain works of course).
4. People said I'm so "rajin" cooking everyday, the truth is I'm fussy about what I eat (i.e. want something fresh & clean) and I wanna give the best to my family.
5. When I sleep I don't like to be disturbed.... the impact is bad on my brain system.
6. I'm wearing tudung so people are wondering whether I have grey hair (my hubby has a lot)... the truth is they are still black (may be 1 or 2 unnoticeable whites).
7. I used to wanting perfection in everything I do but now I know how to set my priorities in life which give me greater satisfaction (thanks to my previous boss Aernout Van De Gaag).
8. Something on my mind a lot lately... my mum! (Hope she can take care of herself... care for & love you a lot).
9. I rarely called my son Rizal (he calls me) but the truth is I missed him a lot!
10. My hubby & children are very important to me & I cook mainly for them. Two more will be leaving home within a couple of years & I imagine that could be end of my blog....? Let's see what Liana can help me by then.

Would like to hear from my friends below:
1. Ros@JinatnManis - creative homecooking
2. Nor T'ganu - anything she has her hands on will be magic
3. Inahar - a busy medical practitioner but always look forward to the kitchen (some similarity between us)
4. Mamafami - she can make others see great things
5. DayangJack - she was moulded from young to be a great chef
6. Ika - a young lady with high enthusiasm to try out new recipes
7. Hana - never failed to try every new recipes in the world
8. Love - an expert of Indian cuisines

----any others are also welcome to join this award. Boleh buat dalam BM juga ya....


  1. Whoa whoa whoa.... sudah kena 'tembak'!! Hahaha... InsyaAllah ye Along. Nanti ma pikirkan what truth can I reveal! Hehehe...

  2. Gosh!!! Mid 40's???? Not a bit like it!!!
    I tot u are in ur late 20's or early 30's.
    You really had me at that!!!!

  3. Hi Kak, I'm listed too??? Tks alot ya! But honestly I'm not an expert in Indian cuisine. Thosai pun tak tau buat! hihihi!

    Tks for passing me the award...will make it up when I can. Still got one more pending to do. :)


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