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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Prosperity Burger

Prosperity breakfast today - yummy yummy & very filling! Hope today will be a prosperous day and I can just sit back and relax, no more cooking for lunch after this sumptuous breakfast... we'll eat out...hehe!

Saw Hana making this one day & that's how the idea started. Anyway, I did not follow the recipe. I used instant beef brown sauce, added chopped onions & coarsely grounded black pepper. I served the burger with saute big onions, sliced cucumber & tomato. Alongside were potato fries and bruschetta.

If you want the recipe just look at Hana's house.


  1. Wooooh.. if got curly fries, then perfect ler.

    I've got an award for u on my blog :)
    Pls come to collect it.

  2. Prosperity son's favorite food.. I want to try this.. looks yummy!!


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