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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Simple Mixed Tom Yum

Lately I had terrible fatigue (may be because of lack of sleep for such a long duration and overloaded works at office too and perhaps ageing..?) and too often too tired to cook many dishes for dinner. So this time, we ended up with one dish style with chicken, seafood, potato & vegetables dumped into Tom Yum Soup.... (actually we had simple fried chicken too).

Here an instant recipe:

2-3 Tom Yum cubes (Knorr)
2 liter Water
Some chopped Chicken
Some Shrimps, Squids, Fishballs
Mixed Vegetables- Mustard leaves, Carrots, Jack beans, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Big Onion, Chili Padi, etc
1 Lemongrass - bruised
3 Kafir Leaves

Boil water and Tom Yum cubes.
Add in chicken, potatoes, carrots, lemograss & shrimps and boil until tender.
Add the rest of ingredients & serve immediately.

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