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Friday, April 2, 2010

Black Getas II

As promised to my family, I made this kuih again today. This time I tried a different recipe. The taste is similar but the texture is somewhat different. The one I made earlier was created from leftover ingredients from Kuih Bom but this one is a more authentic recipe. These kuih are slightly crunchy on the outside. The taste is so delicious with the aroma of black glutinous... love it!
(Makes > 30 petits)
200g Black Glutinous Flour
80g White Glutinous Flour
200g Fresh Grated Coconut
1/2 tsp Salt
200ml Hot Coconut Milk or Hot Water

120g Sugar
100ml Water

1. Mix all ingredients and shape it like disks, about 1.5" diameter or your preferred shape.
2. Deep fry until cooked.
3. Place syrup ingredients in a wok & heat up until boiling & thick.
Add in fried getas & stir very quickly to coat.
4. Serve in morning or evening tea.


  1. Oh.. this is one Malay kuih that I've never eaten before. Finally I encounter one .. hehehehe!!!

  2. Salam kak roz,
    hitam menawan black getas tu. saya tak penah makan lagi. tgok first black getas aritu, ingat buah..kikiki. tapi kalu like chewing2 gitu sedapla. nanti2 jumpa tepung pulut hitam ni, saya nak try.


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