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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Award & Tag from Ayu & KakSu

This award + tag is received from Ayu & KakSu. Maceh ingatan kasi award tapi yg lemah cikit bila kena buat tag.... (lotih ler lepas balik kerja, masak2, pas tu kejap lagi nak packing tuk travelling this Friday). Anyway, I'll try my best.

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Let the world know who tagged you

Post title to contain this words -5 -Five -Khamsah
-errrr tak paham

5 names that people call you
- HomeKreation (may be because people do not see my name in the header at the top there)
- Roz (as stated above)
- AlongRoz / Along (my MR nickname and also panggilan belah hubby, not just adik2 ipar tapi whole kampung)
- KakYang (called by my younger sisters & brothers)
- lastly & most special "Ayang"... hehe panggilan manja by suami
- My full name.... but I've given 5 already

5 important dates in my life
- 24th Feb
- 24th May
-18th Jun
- 26th Jun
- 3rd Sep

5 things that I've done yesterday
- Went to work from 7.30am until 7.00pm
- Played with my Little Liana
- Cooked dinner & dine with whole family
- Watched "You Think You Can Dance"
- Update blog

5 ways to be happy
- Baking something new & turned out to be delicious
- When my family enjoyed what I cooked/baked
- When kids kiss & hug me
- Talk to my Mum
- Compliments from hubby

5 favourite movies
Movies are not for me... I can hardly recall what was the last one I watched... some parts of Avatar...

5 favourite hobbies
- Patchwork & Quilting
- Baking
- Collecting books of my interests
- Decorating house
- Gardening if I have time
- Shopping

5 favourite people
- Emak
- Hubby darling
- My four children
- My sibblings
- My blog friends

5 favourite places for vacation
- Taiping
- KL
- London
- Jeddah
- Perth

5 reasons you answer the survey
- Being sporting after been tagged by Ayu & KakSu
- As appreciation for the friendship
- Blogging culture
- Get-to-know each other
- No other reason

5 person to be tagged
Hope to abandon this part since so many others have done it... most welcome to anyone to take the award with or without the tag.

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