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Monday, April 26, 2010

Blueberry Slice-Cheese Cake

This is a very special cheesecake recipe because it uses cheddar slice cheese instead of cream cheese. I first made this long time ago when Ros introduced it in MR, which was plain flavor. I just wanted to clear some frozen blueberry paste I bought from Brunei & thought to experiment the recipe with a variation. The result was very good with moist and foamy texture.

Source (with compliment): Ros Tokyo
(Makes 9" round)
4 slices Cheddar Cheese
200ml Milk
70g Butter
70g Flour
70g Caster Sugar
3 Eggs (AA) or 4 medium
300g Blueberry Paste

1. Melt cheese in milk over low heat.
Add in butter until melt.
Mix in blueberry paste.

2. Whisk egg whites & sugar until stiff.
Add in beaten egg yolk, cheese, flour & meringue, in the order & until well mixed.

3. Bake in water bath at 170C for 20 min then 140C for next 40 min.
Cool at room temperature & chill.

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  1. salam kak roz,
    wah..cantik kak. dah lama tak makan ciskek ni. hu, nak mintak sekeping.. :)


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