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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Liana's Happy Face

Special greeting from Liana this morning! It is very challenging to snap her photo nowadays as she is very active and hardly sit still. Out of 10 snaps, I'll be lucky to get one clear picture and the rest are all blur due to her non stop movements.

Untuk auntie2 semua.... love and hugs from Liana... mmmmmmuah2!


  1. salam kak roz,
    ala...comeynya liana. cair hati saya...

  2. salam along...alalalahhh.... cantiknya anak dara nii.... kalau dah aktif memang along, payah nak snap..tunggulah Aisyah sok..heee..mmmmuahh! utk liana...geram tengok...

  3. Salam Liana comel...
    Dah besar dah anak dara Along nie... makin cun ler auntie tengok. Mmuahh! kiss cikit. :)


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