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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dulce de Leche

I was so excited when I saw Wendy's step-by-step method on how to make Dulce de Leche (pronounced "Dool-say De Leshay") which in English means toffee or caramelised milk. I have a book on how to make this but I was not so confident to try as it sounds too cumbersome but Wendy showed a very simple way to make this although a very time consuming.

The recipe calls for condensed milk but in Malaysia you can only find sweetened creamer. Since I was so excited about it I gambled with two cans of sweetened creamer hoping something good to come out. I thought one can is a waste of three hours gas burning so might as well gave it a try for two cans straight away. It turned out okay with golden colour but not as creamy as the one uses condensed milk. Taste wise was also ok but I imagined it will be tastier with real milk.

If you want to know what I will do with it, just watch out for my next posting.

Source (with compliments): Wendy (refer there for more detail info)
1. Place overturned a small wire rack at the bottom of a pot.
2. Peel off the paper wrapper around the can of condensed milk & place the can/cans on the rack.
3. Fill the pot with water until the cans are covered with water. Make sure the pot is tall enough so that water level is not more than 2/3rd of the pot depth.
4. Cover & boil. Lower the heat to the lowest possible & let it simmer for 3-4 hours.
The longer you cook it the darker the color will be. Refill water if necessary but I did not have to because the water remains above the can until the end.
5. Cool completely before opening the can. Opening it while still hot may cause burning on your skin.

Warning: Do not leave the cooking unattended. Cooking above big fire can cause the water to dry up and risk of the can exploding (that's what I learnt from reading other's experience)

See the type of pot I used which is a semi-pressure pot. The method above uses ordinary pot but I thought the pot below will be good to avoid too much steam escaping and I was right.


  1. Oh.. it looks totally not the same.
    It looks like opaque sira gula melaka or kaya to me. Try using equal amounts of evaporated milk and sugar in weight to do next time. I searched on the internet regarding compostion of milk and sugar in condensed milk, and I found that the condensed ratio for evap. milk and cond. milk is the same, just that sweetened condensed milk has equal amounts of sugar added in. I will try this method next time, because tarak susu pekat asli in Malaysia. Even if evap milk, ony use FULL CREAM EVAP MILK, like Ideal. Susu Krimer is not susu tulen.

  2. Oh ya, if u're using a pressure cooker, 40 minutes sudah cukup!!!!

  3. salam kak roz,
    nampak cramy Dulce de Leche. biasanya makan ngan apa ya kak? cecah2 roti ke? terliur saya.. :)

  4. Wendy,
    Yeah, the real condensed milk looks really thick & creamy. I'll try evaporated milk & sugar next time if I cannot get condensed milk. So pathetic that Msia can't even afford to produce the real condensed milk.

    Wsalam. Makan dgn roti pun boleh, rasa cam kaya tapi rasa ala2 karamel. Nanti along pos respi pakai ni.

  5. i made this leceh Dulce using pressure cooker for 30 min and have just opened it to try after it cooled. OMG this is the best caramel i've ever tasted! Tks for sharing the recipe.


  6. Just nak share ... F&N ada produced condensed milk. payah nak cari. baru2 ni terjumpa kat carrefour. harga mahal sikit.
    Dulce de Leche atau Confiture de Lait amat popular di amerika latin terutamanya Argentina yang mengatakan ianya sebagai ciptaan ulung negara mereka. kini cukup popular di perancis, itali, uk dan eropah secara amnya.
    Biasanya di campur pada plain yoghurt, ice-cream, banoffee pie (chocolate banana toffee pie) dan desserts yg sesuai.

    memasak menggunakan condensed milk (tanpa campuran evaporated milk) merupakan cara paling mudah kerana di argentina, ianya di masak menggunakan campuran susu, gula dan vanilla. boleh mencuba dengan secubit garam laut untuk rasa yang lebih ummph kerana formula asalnya dikatakan paling sedap dgn menggunakan susu kambing. Di UK, dulce de leche boleh dibeli dalam bentuk finished product dalam tin dengan jenama Nestle carnation caramel 397gm.

    Cara penyediaan lain Dulce De Leche boleh juga diperolehi di;

    Selamat mencuba ...

  7. Junaidi,
    Thanks so much for the info. I checked again today when I went to supermarket & surprised to find two brands selling the real condensed milk. So I made this again today & the result is marvelous! Will post it soon. Terima-kasih & komen anda amat di hargai.

  8. just wanna ask... i have electric pressure cooker. can use that to do dulce de leche? tak meletup ke tin tu? tq..really appreciate ur reply ...ingat nak try..

  9. Salam,

    Sy dok blog hopping and jumpa pasal cheesecake with dulce de leche. Then dok click itu ini, sampai la ke sini :D

    Buat sendiri dulce de leche ye? Rajin sungguh. Memang manis sungguh, kan? In Argentina there's this one cookie called Alfajor yang fillings nye dibubuh dulce de leche. Sini in Spain sampai ais krim pon ada perisa dulce de leche nih.

    Just berkongsi..
    Dulce means manis. Leche means susu. So dulce de leche means manisan dari susu gitu. :)

  10. Acik,
    From what I read, you can use pressure cooker but reduce the time to 30 min. I have not tried using pressure cooker myself. Make sure you use lowest heat setting once it boiled.

    Memang manis sbb tu saya guna cream crackers as cheesecake base sbb biskut tu tak manis. That day I made Choc Banana Tofee pie & it is heavenly delicious... we all drooling while eating it!

  11. thank you Along for the reply...but my pressure cooker takda temperature setting/control...maybe xan can comment becoz she used pressure cooker...acik

  12. x biasa ,,rbus tin susu x buka.mcm tkut mletup sb pressure lah x tngok dg mata kpala rsepi ni mnarik ati ermm

  13. salam,refer here for all method preparing dulce de leche


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