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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Belated Gift

Another celebration in the office today when I was surprised by my best friend Ms Audrey who is on business visit to Miri. She bought me Macadamia Cheesecake from Secret Recipe which I shared with everyone in the department. The cake was finger lickin' good & finished off till the last bit on the plate. Everyone loved it!

Thanks so much my dear friend for your lovely thought... love you!

1. Today is Cik Ja's last day in office and she'll be flying off to Holand tomorrow with her children. It is very sad when one by one friend of mine leaving me behind...
2. In addition, some good colleague are also leaving after finishing their assignment in Miri. Yesterday Helge Kreutz said good bye too to return to his home country in German. He is one my best friends in the office.... will miss you & make sure you take care good care of your health and I will visit you one day.
3. Also received a good bye email from Holand today from my ex-boss (Aernout vd G) that he has resigned. He was such a good mentor.

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