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Monday, June 21, 2010

Lychee & Basil Seed Jelly ( Agar-agar Laici & Selasih )

I love creating jelly and testing it with various flavours and look. Some of you probably notice that I have many jelly recipes posted in this blog. So here is another version which is just a simple plain rose jelly decorated with lychee and basil seeds. I made this for the women gathering last Friday.

Source: HomeKreation
1 packet Jelly Powder (13g)
120g Sugar
1 can Lychees - sliced & reserved  juice 
100ml Rose Syrup
1.3 liter (Water + Lychee juice)
1 Pandan Leaf - knotted 
1 cup soaked Basil Seeds

1. Boil jelly powder & water until dissolved.
Add in sugar & stir until sugar is dissolved.
Add in Rose syrup, lychee juice & pandan leaf and let it boil.
Add in Basil Seeds & off the heat.
Discard pandan leaf.

2. Arrange lychee in a mould & gently pour the jelly.
Tips: To obtain nicely spread basil seeds, pour layer by layer. Wait till the surace is slightly set before pouring another layer. If you pour the whole lot, the basil seeds will float on the surface & when unmoulded it will be right at the bottom!

3. Allow to set at room temperature before chilling.
Serve cold.


  1. salam kak roz,
    huwa...! sungguh menambat selera. sangat cantik jelly ni kak. kalu saya dapat buat, sah, my MIL terpegun. hihihi

  2. Indah,
    Wsalam. Hehe... senang banget nak buat ni, berbaloi kalau dapat MIL puji, bukan senang MIL nak puji kan.


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