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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grilled Chili Fish with Instant Paste

I've got a packet of ready-to-cook sauce in my pantry almost reaching an expiry date. Someone gave it to me as part of a basket of food hamper. I don't normally like to buy this type of ready made sauce as not only they are expensive but most of all not to my liking. Anyway, since I've got it for free, let's not waste it and hence I used it on one of my lazy days...hehe.

The sauce is for cooking prawn, squids, etc but I turned it into paste for grilled fish. First, rub fish with salt & lime juice. Heat up few tbsp oil on a griddle/pan and place the fish. Pour the ready-to-cook sauce on the fish & let it cook above slow fire. Flip on the other side & pour the remaiing sauce & cook until well done. Serve with white rice.

Here is the sauce that I used:

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