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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sotong Bilis

These tiny dried squids are products of Sabah from my sister who is working in KK. I like it so much - the squids are soft to bite and not too salty. I cook it in a very simple way by stir fry with some onions & chilies.


  1. Eh.. those on the plate look much bigger than what was in your hand.

  2. salam kak roz,
    Oh... keciknya sotong tu.. sedap pulak nampak ditumis camtu. teringin nak rasa..

  3. Wendy,
    The same one lah... just that the plate/bowl is also small and hence everything look big when focused.

    First time Along mkn dulu waktu SIL introduce. Teringin nak mkn lagi tu yg suh my sis belikan, memang sedap tak macam sotong kering yg selalu jual kat Pangkor tu liat.

  4. eh eh..tak pernah umpa pulak makhluk ni along.. sedap day hope dapat rasa lah

  5. Never seen this b4! ;)

    Welcome back kak! About Ur kitchen reno, here are some tips from me...from my experience. :D

    1. Think and confirm what all U'll need in ur kitchen...where to place them..etc.
    2. Design ur kitchen on ur own first, on a paper.
    3. Decide what theme U like...especially the colors.
    4. Try not to destruct much the original kitchen structure, unless U have to. Work around the original.
    5. Get best tiles for the kitchen...hehe! This is my personal one! :)

  6. wah so tiny you can eat them whole! where got sale in sabah?


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