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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Women Gathering & Farewell Party for Cik Ja

More than 40 women gathered at my house yesterday for farewell party to Cik Ja, my colleague and a close friend. Cik Ja and her family are leaving on 2nd July to live and work in Netherland (Holand). She'll be joining few other friends who are already working there. I'm going to miss her a lot especially she is one of my strong supporter for our women network. Hope I can visit you and others one day...

The party started at noon to coincide with lunch break. Actually it was an afternoon off by the company but due to busy period, some have to return to work. We had a lot of fun with lots of delicious food, games & belly dance.

(pssss... mind there was one tall male figure above.... hehe that was my youngest son. I didn't realise he joined us at the back).

Here is our menu on the day:
1. Curry Mee (Cik Roz)
This is the reason for my fried onions that I made few days ago. The guests were impressed  how crispy my fried onions is....hehe. I made the Curry Mee with 4kg noodles and all cleared with not a drop of gravy left!
2. Spinach Lasagna (Cik Roz)
- Finished within 15 minutes!
3. Fried Chicken Wings (not sure which restaurant that Cik Liz help to buy from)
- All gone
4. Bruscheta (pot luck by Michelle T, prepared in my kitchen)
- All gone.... mmmm... nyum2...
This is our dessert table initially, but later more pot lucks arrived and the table was overloaded...
5. Special cake for the day: Kek Lapis Mulu (the cake was a pot luck from Cik Ya and deco by Cik Ti):
- Cik Ya did not attend as she was in Malacca yesteday so she made the cake few days earlier.
6. Assorted muffins (pot luck by Cik Ti):
- Lovely moist and delicious with choice of kiwi, chocolate and banana flavour....
7. Apam Gula Hangus (pot luck from Cik Mar N)
- Thanks Maria for arriving early & help me to spin the lasagna skin. This apam is super soft & Liana's favourite. My recent attempt last week did not turn out as expected but this help to make up for it. Liana had two pieces one go and more after that!
8. Apple Crumble (Cik Roz)
- only crumbs left after the party
9. Chocolate Trifle (Cik Roz):
- I made this late morning so not quite set yet but was gooood....
10. Lychee & Basil Seed Jelly (Cik Roz):
- All gone.... hehe
11. Stripe Jelly (pot luck from Cik Diana TJ):
12. Mini Colorful Jellies (pot luck from Cik Vinno):
13. Watermelon & Honeydue (pot luck from NCO team and  Cik Chew Fong):
- I've got two huge watermelons and one honeydue... a lot of leftover (one watermelon still uncut) that I think I'll make juice.
14. Bread Puding served with Custard Sauce (pot luck from Cik Wani):
15. Local Lychee (pot luck from Cik Wani):
- These were plucked fresh from her frontyard.
16. Banana Split (pot luck from Cik Diana L)
- The bananas were spilt from different angle...hehe
17. Tit bits, carbonated drinks and ice (contribution by Cik Chris O).... no photo lah but many thanks.

18. Teh Tarek Peng (Cik Roz)
- "Peng" means ice.... hehe. Also no photo, imagine yourself lah haaa...

Well, that's all about F&D... hope I didn't miss anything. Many thanks to all those who contributed the pot lucks.! Food is always the best part of any Malaysian party.... good food means good party...! hehe...

Apart from makan-makan (means eating fun), here some shots of the day:

Birthday boy's & girl's birthday wish
Aik... how come women's party have a boy's activity? Well, this is an exception... it was my hubby's birthday yesterday and mind you he is quite a popular boy in the office so they remember his birthday. He joined the party just a shortwhile after Friday's prayer and before returning to office. Daphne shares the same birthdate. So the cake was cut joinly by Cik Ja & two of them:
One of the best fun we had yesterday was the belly dance lesson by Shuxian - it was hillarious as we all tried to shake the two middle parts:
Some women posing with fresh rose gift from Cik Ja:
Not forgetting some presents from the women network for Cik Ja:
That's not all, Liana also had something yesterday... Auntie Norj brought her a belated birthday party:
A beautiful pink dress... Liana will do a special pose for Auntie Norj later ya... thanks so much auntie.... mmmmuah2 & hug2 from Liana.
Last but not least, many thanks from me to all of you who help in many ways, for examples food contributions, organising  committee for very creative programme and everyone who turned up yesterday. Everybody was very helpful too yesterday (from start till dish washing...hehe) and apology if I did not have opportunity to entertain every single one of you. I hope Cik Ja will have fun memory from this occassion and forget us not. Make sure you drop us news from time to time. All the best to you and family and take care.


  1. Salam sis...
    meriahnya farewell party, enjoy tgk all d photos....makanan pun sedap2 tu! Meleleh tengok..huhuu

  2. Cik Roz,
    Thanks for hosting! It really turned out to be a successful event and I believed everybody enjoy the moments. Proud that we have close knitted network and most important, it is growing.

    Cik Ti.

  3. salam along..banyk n sdp2 mknan tu n kalau tinggal sblh rmh dah tntu i join sekaki..hehe!

  4. I would like to thank Cik Roz, Cik Ti, Cik Liz and all the lovely, lovely ladies who put all this together. Love you all and I will surely miss these gatherings....we've had quite a few over the last few years. I hope to see some visitors in Holland, while I'm there.

    Love, Cik Ja


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