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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Banana Chips (Again)

My PIL brought us a gunny of Pisang Tanduk / Horn Bananas and how could we finish them all by ourselves? After sharing with some relatives & friends, I still have abundance. The easy solution is to turn them into chips before they ripe. With only 8 bananas, I've got more than two big containers above. The chips are beautifully bright yellow & tasty.

For recipe, refer here.


  1. salam along...bnyk tu-leh hntar sini sikit :)

  2. Can send some to me???

    I love kerepek pisang, and my fav is those with caramel coating one.

  3. Deliah,
    Nak ke, amik2 manyak mana nak...hehe

    You also want some? Can, can... if only we are close by will be easier sharing huh. Me too, been looking for the recipe for caramel coating.

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  5. sedapnya..baru2 mak ada kirim sekilo tp dah abis....huhuuuu


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