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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dragon Shells

This is another type of shelled seafood called "Naga" by the Sarawakian which were brought for us by my PIL. I thought will post it after I cooked it but was cooked in the afternoon while I was working, so I didn't have the cooked version to show you.... sorry about that but I thought good to share this unique swamp creatures which you can't find it in the market but a lot consumed by the kampung people who live along swampy areas.


  1. salam along...wah,x pernah tgk ni! sure puas mkn sbb besar2-rasa dia mcmana eyh?org sarawak msk apa ni?

  2. Oh this is common along Tanjong Karang Sekinchan coastal road.. They call it by "mentarang".
    See here

    I've eaten this before, and I find it hard to swallow

  3. Deliah,
    Wsalam. Rasa dia mcm lala juga tapi isi nya besar. Masak mcm masak siput yg lain tu juga spt oyster sauce atau kicap.

    Yes, I saw the website & it is the same. It must be the imagination in your head that stopping you but actually it tastes nice.

  4. No... it's the innards that I find it hard to swallow. I ate the front muscular part, when when I saw how much dirt was in the innards... I just couldn't go on with that part of the mentarang.

  5. Wendy,
    My MIL slice it lengthwise & therefore all the dirts are removed - only the muscular part is left. When I ate it was like a thin long strips & was pretty clean look.


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