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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bubur Pedas (Again)

This is commonly served during Ramadhan in Sarawak. Although Ramadhan is just round the corner, I just can't wait till then to enjoy this popular dish. Had this & KFC for dinner tonite.

Here is the recipe posted earlier but I replaced beef with chicken.


  1. No lah, not pedas at all. The name is only to distinguish from sweet bubur...hehe.

  2. Read thru your recipe...very healthy meal!
    But pair it with KFC? How's it like??

  3. Sorry, me again...this my ignorance but any connection of this to the Bubur Lambuk?

  4. Mel,
    Lovely pair with KFC with/without rice...hehe. No, not the same at all as Bubur Lambuk is rice porridge but this is mixed vegetable porridge. The bumbu contains some rice but not a lot. Taste wise is also different but both are very filling. I've posted Bubur Lambuk recipe earlier which you can compare.


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