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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Making Smoked Fish

Smoked fish is commonly prepared in kampung as one of the ways to preserve fish in the old days when electricity had not reached them. However, in the modern life it continues to be prepared as favored by many in Sarawak. Almost everytime when my FIL visiting us, he made some smoked fish as one way to occupy himself while staying with us.

Below is a simple way in making smoked fish above wood fire. In kampung they use a proper smoked house (wooden hut). It took about 4-5 hours until the fish are properly dried up.
While my FIL was preparing for his smoked fish, my MIL prepared his son's favourite grilled fish wrapped in swamp palm leaves (daun nipah). The fish is simply slightly salted, placed in the leaf packet and grilled. The aroma from the leaf is simply nice. Dip them is chili soy sauce or just enjoy it with Melanau sago.

 This is how Melanau Sago looks like which is eaten with smoked/grilled fish, bananas, smoked shrimps, etcs:


  1. Hi Kak...hru doing there??? Wow smoked fish...never had that b4! Mintakkkk ;)

  2. My, it looks delicious! I have never tasted this before but it seems quite tedious to prepare this...4-5 hours with wood fire??

  3. Love,
    I'm fine bu always too bz & tired. Kalau nak Love kena buat sendiri ler, tinggal sikit je lagi utk next projek...hehe

    Indeed it is delicious because I used new fresh fish. It need to cook that long to give the smokey effect & dry up the fish properly. It will last long time.


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