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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gifts from Che & Fresh Pear Cheese Pie

My sister-like friend, Che is also leaving Miri very soon to live in Houston, USA. It is very sad loosing friend one after another while living in a place where not many relatives around but distance away. Che gave me the above porcelain set which she bought from Mexico as farewell gifts. See the little butter/jam bowl which knife is a gun shape... that's really cute...! Apart from the above set, she also gave me a four-tier silver plates and a two-tier plate holder (not shown) because she knows I like entertaining and that will definitely be useful... thanks so much dear.

I promised her & hubby, Charlie that I will make them Fresh Pear Cheese Pie before they leave. Just finished baking & will deliver it to their house tomorrow.


  1. salam kak roz,
    pestime nampak pie ngan pear besar tu. mesti manis kan? yang pistol mainan tu, nak...! hihi

  2. Indah,
    Wsalam. Itu bukan pistol sebarang pistol tau, pistol tu tak boleh tembak tapi boleh main2 tikam...kikiki.


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