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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Custard Apple Pie

Another recipe that was served in the recent Women Gathering at my house, specially for Aline who made the request. This recipe is worth keeping which I modified & developed many years ago, and eversince been sharing with many friends. The Apple Pie was a hit everytime when I served at office or home party.

Hope others will find this recipe worth trying. Don't forget to leave your comment here if you happen to try it.

250g Flour
125g cold Butter
3 tbsp Castor Sugar
1 Egg Yolk
1-3 tbsp Water

1. Mix the first three ingredients using cut & mix method to produce breadcrumbs like.
You can use food processor or do it manually using blunt dinner knife to do so.
Make sure you do this quickly before butter is melt to ensure crispy pastry.
Don't worry if there are butter bits, you must not knead before adding egg & water.

2. Add in egg yolk & mix with finger and if a dough is not formed, add water a tbsp at a time until a ball of dough is formed.

3. Chill it for 20 minutes and then line the pie tin.

6-8 Red Apples (depending on the size of the apples & size of your tin)
1-2 tbsp Sugar for sprinkling
2 Eggs
½ cup Caster Sugar
1 tin (170ml) Nestle Cream
1 tsp Vanilla Essence

1. Peel, halved, cored and sliced apples 3/4 through - see the picture above.
Arrange apples onto the prepared pastry base.
Sprinkle sugar & bake 200C for 20 minutes.

2. Beat eggs and sugar until well mixed.
Add in cream and beat to just mix.
Add in vanilla essence.
Pour onto baked apples.
Bake at 180C for 20 minutes or until custard is set.
Cool & chill.

3. Produce one 10-11 inch diameter pie.


  1. salam try dah resepi ni!! buat 2 bijik terus...sedapnyerr...terima kasih byk ye!!!

  2. salam..

    mohon permisi dan halal yer..ahaks..
    nak masuk dlm blog resepi peribadi saya..

    termia kasih daun keladi ;))

  3. br jumpa blog ni!! nice.. nak tya, can exchange nestle cream tu with whipping cream tak??

  4. Zaliana,
    You are welcome...enjoy!

    Sorry, anda tidak di benarkan copy photo & posting melainkan setelah anda mencuba sendiri. Sila paparkan photo anda sendiri & resepi mesti di rujuk kembali ke blog saya.

    You can try but the texture will not be the same sebab whipping cream is lighter.

  5. salam along... pastry pie ni bakar sekali ngan custard filling tu ke? tak payah blind bake dulu ek... gedik nak cuba nih... harap2nya menjadi cam along punya :)tq...

  6. tak pe along... tadi tak baca resepi betul2... now dah faham dah... uih tak sabar2 nih nak cuba...

  7. Ita,
    Ya, tak payah blind bake dulu. Good luck, harap berjaya. Jgn lupa hantar sepotong kat Along ya...hehe

  8. along... dah berjaya buat custard apple pie nih... yummy... mekasih share recipe... sungguh sedap rasa apple tuh bila dah bakar... next time nak taruk apple banyak2... hehehe

  9. Eiyta,
    TQ mencuba & tinggalkan komen.

  10. Sis, i nak try wat pie ni coz nmpak cm senang. Baru nk blaja wat pastri2 ni. Tp nak tanya..nestle cream tu yg mana? da try g cari kt supermarket tp xjumpe pon..ader tak rupa tin nestle tu sis?? ke leh substitue ngan cream2 lain ker? lg nk tanya klu kita nk wat pie ni utk jamuan besok hari bila kita ptt wat dia? a night b4 ke? crust dia crispy lg ke klu simpan smpai besok?

  11. Ila,
    Kat supermkt selalu nya byk, kalau takjumpa gak cuba cari kat baking shop. Kalau takda jugak, guna cream dlm peket jual dlm fridge tp texture dia lain sikit.
    Buat a night before & chill dlm peti ais semalaman dlm bekas kedap udara, insyallah tetap crispy tapi tunggu betul2 sejuk baru masukkan dlm fridge.

  12. will try bila jumpa nstle creme tu

  13. Salam Roz,
    I've tried this recipe.
    My prob is the custard did not set in 20 mins time.
    In fact it was still watery even after i continued baking for another 20 mins.
    It became set after another 20 mins of baking.
    So of course the colour of the surface turned almost dark brown & the pastry tasted a bit dry and flaky.
    Could it due to the smaller pan that i used?
    If i didn't add xtra time to bake, would the custard set if i chill it in fridge?
    Need yr expert advice here.
    Nevertheless it was still delicious & my kids love it so much.
    Will definitely try again to get the correct/ better result.


  14. Zai,
    I'm not sure what went wrong. When I said custard set, it doesn't mean it turn out dry but it is firm like puding or kuih talam & not watery. If you said yours is watery after baking so long, it does not make sense because the eggs will definitely get set when baked unless you have measured too much cream or the wrong type of cream. Hope you will be successful with the next attempt.

  15. Solam Roz
    Tq for the reply.
    fyi, i followed exactly all the items in yr recipe.
    The correct amt and the exact brand of cream.
    Tk pe,will try again & updd u the results.

    Thks again Roz


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