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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Baking Day

Another busy day.... Today I baked two Sarawak layered cakes to bring back to kampung soon. Herewith some slices for all of you... rebut2...sikit je ni...hehe.
Here is an update - photo taken at kampung after the cake was sliced - a very rich cake with stuffed prune & almond chocolate:


  1. Wouw! The green of your pandan lapis so nice & bright. Ambil satu ya ..... takut keburu abis nih. :)

  2. Oooh...I love Sarawak layer cake!!! They r quite expensive over here...and i doubt I've tasted the truely authentic layer cake. Any suggestions on which brand to get? Baker's Cottage?

  3. Nak balik kampung ke ni????
    syok nye.... Tapi awalnya.

    I've sent you an email :)
    check mail ya.

  4. salam sngah pepgi along..aduh cntiknya layer kek along tu..kita bab remeh nk mleyer tu yg berat nk buat..hehe..

  5. Salam Along...smoga dberkati Allah selalu.

    U drive my baking desire to d highest level! X boleh tahan tgok ur S'wak layer cakes.. so adorable, n surely tasty!!
    T8 care.

  6. salam ramadhan along.nnt raye along balik perak ek...?syedapnye nampak kek lapis tu...


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