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Monday, August 30, 2010

Roti Jala with Bubur Kacang

Bubur Kacang (mung beans in coconut milk) is my hubby's favourite and it goes well with Roti Jala (Lacy Crepes). I've posted each recipe earlier on here & here but today's my Roti Jala has different look because I used a different method. Thanks to Chikmi who gave me tips where to find the mayonaise bottle. Although I didn't find the same bottle, I found the bottle below which can be used for the same purpose.
UPDATE: For those asking where I bought the bottle, herewith the answer. Actually I forgot the name of the shop & asked ChikMi - Answer: 100Yen or Daiso.


  1. kemasnya roti jala tu along...suke tul tengoknya

  2. Interesting shape of roti jala. I've never seen a green roti jala. Is the roti jala taste sweet?

  3. 1st time I've seen such very neat roti jala...was about to ask how you made it, then i saw your 3rd and 4th, you make me wanna go to my friends house for Raya Puasa now... :P

  4. where did u buy the roti jala bottle? nak jugakk

  5. cantik betul rupa roti jala tu...

  6. Izah,
    Along pun baru cuba2 je, senang guna botol tu.

    Zue Murphy,
    Not sweet as it complements sweet bubur or spicy curry well.

    If you are near by, I don't mind sharing it with you...hehe.

    I bought it from a Japanese shop...forget the name already... Let me ask Chikmi again.

    Yati Ali,
    hehe... walau pun roti jala yg di puji, tuan dia pun kembang juga...hehe.


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