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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ginger Fish in Oyster Sauce

My husband bought a fresh fish directly from the boat in the recent weekend. Since it is so fresh, I decided to cook in a simple way.

Source: HomeKreation
1 big Fish - rub with salt & turmeric powder & deep fry 
4 cloves Garlic - pounded 
4 Green Chilies*
Few Chili Padi*
1 Big Onion*
2" Ginger* (* sliced) 
1 Tomato - cut 6 
3 tbsp Oyster Sauce**
2 tbsp Soy Sauce**
1 tbsp Cornflour**
1 tsp Chicken sauce**
1 bowl Water** (** mixed together) 
Spring Onion & Chinese Celery - chopped 
1 tsp Sugar

Heat up some oil & fry pounded garlic until fragrant.
Add in sliced ingredients & stir for about a minute.
Add in sauce mixture, tomato, sugar & salt.

Boil, off the heat and add in spring onion & celery.
Pour over fish.


  1. Oh,.... I think the plain ikan bakar will taste superb too with such a fresh fish.
    My Malay friends taught me to just marinate with turmeric powder and salt, wrap with banana leaves and "bakar" in the wok.

  2. Ooh, my in-laws love this kind of fish...!
    But usually for very fresh fish, the chinese prefer it steamed coz they say "then only you can taste the freshness n sweetness mah!" But for me, it has to depend on what type of fish, usually I hate the fishy smell when it's steamed.


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