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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Roti Doraemon (Again)

This is yesterday's menu - saja tayang buat selingan. Today I made Mee Kari but I didn't snap any photo. I'm slowed down in Ramadhan in updating the blog although I've been cooking everyday.... Much apology to blogger friends as I have not been visiting you all.... Thanks to those who drop by.

For recipe, see here.


  1. salam along...wah,banyak tul sambal roti ni-sedap tu...klu dpt mee kari laaaaagi best ni!! :)

  2. Hi dearie!!! Hru doing there??? How's Little Liana??? Missed here! Saw her latest grown uh! Looks very pretty lor! :D

    Selamat berpuasa ya kak! Taking away some buns with me now...;)

  3. Deliah,
    Wsalam.... hehe letak sambal byk2 baru ummph... mee kari tak sempat nak snap dah licin, mmg lapor tul bulan pose ni...hehe.

    Hi Love. Long time no hear, me too the same not visiting a lot lately. Liana is a young girl now... very active. TQ for visiting, come again & some buns from me specially or you...mmmmuah.


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