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Monday, October 25, 2010

Gulai Lemak Telur Masin (Salted Egg in Green Coconut Broth)

 I had lunch at my  good friend's house few weeks ago whereby she invited her friend (Kak Nor) to cook this special dish. This dish typically using fresh duck eggs (and my mum's cook this deliciously) but you will never find duck eggs in Miri hence she substituted it with salted eggs and it turned out fabulous...! However, make sure the salted eggs are not too salty and the mild type will be great.

I tried making it again and managed to buy some salted eggs from the Pasar Malam (night market) which are imported from KL. It is more expensive (90cent each) but I was told that they are less salty which turned out to be true. My whole family enjoyed this dish very much.... My youngest son asked me why I called it salted egg because he said it is not salty at all. I guess the salt must be absorbed into the gravy. The big difference is the egg yolks which is a lot tastier than the fresh eggs...! For those who never tried this, it will be a new discovery for you....

Source: HomeKreation
4 Salted Eggs
4 Shallots*
Some Chili Padi*
1 Green Chili*
2" Fresh Turmeric* (* pounded)
1 bowl Thick Coconut Milk
1 Turmeric Leaf
1 Lemongrass - bruised 
1 Dried Tamarind

1. Place all ingredients, except eggs, in a pot/wok & let it boil while stirring most of the times to prevent the coconut milk from curdling.
2. Poached eggs in it & do not stir until the eggs are done to avoid from breaking.
3. Serve with white rice....ummmh!


  1. Note..masuk list..Hehehheheheh..Tak pernah cuba lagi masak mcm ni..

  2. salam along, nor mmg suka lauk ni.. kena dgn nasi panas2 pastu ada ikan goreng ke.. wahhh best :)

  3. salam along,akak kalau gulai telur asin ni mesti dgn pucuk ubi..serap masuk masin nya ke dlm pucuk ubi..perghh..sedap tul..dah lama tak buat ni,lepas darah naik tinggi menculin2(ckp negori)maknanya darah tinggi yang terlampau..apa taknya.makan tak hengat dunia..hehe

  4. Salam Along..

    Minggu lepaspun masak telur itik lemak gini...suka..
    telur itik kirim kat kwn yg kebetulan balik kg.
    Beli yg freshpun 80 sen sebijik...telur masinpun 80 sen.

  5. Feel like having some with plain steaming rice right now! Akakkkk...gimme some! :D

  6. Salam Along,
    tak pernah try pula dgn telor masin. Klu saya kat sini selalunya masak telor itik dgn belimbing ker, mangga muda ker...

  7. salam along...smlm br mkn ni tp telur biasa klu telur asin ni mmg lagi sedap :p~


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