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Monday, October 25, 2010

Wholemeal Bread II

 Here is another version of wholemeal bread and this one uses tangzhong or water roux as bread softener. The bread is soft but with so much claim about the goodness of tangzhong, I do not find this recipe is better than the first version I tried here.... both are equally good but I will just go for the simpler one i.e. without the trouble to prepare for the tangzhong which is time consuming.

Source: Dodol & Monchi (I've rewritten the recipe for my ease of reference, you can refer to he link for more detail explanation)
(Makes 8"x4"x4" loaf)
280g Bread Flour
200g Wholemeal Flour
10g Instant Yeast
50g Sugar
5g Salt (reduced from orig recipe) 
1 Egg - slightly beaten 
140g Milk
120g Tangzhong
50g Butter

1. Place all dry ingredients in a breadmaker, followed by all the wet ingredients.
Process until well mixed & drop in butter.
Let it process until dough is ready.

2. Divide into 4 equal portions, cover & rest 15min.
Flatten each & roll & place in a greased tin.
Cover with plastic cling & let it rise until 80% full.
Bake for 190C for 30 min or until brown (Orig recipe suggest 180C is too low for my oven).

50g Breadflour
250g Water/Milk

- Mix & heat over low heat & stir continuously until it reahes 65C or when traces of lines are visible.
- Place in a bowl & cover with plastic cling to avoid skin from forming.
- Cool to room temperature before use.
- Can keep in fridge up to 2 days but ensure keep to room temperature before use.


  1. salam along...mmmmmmm klu ade susu segelas alangkah nikmat :)) *hasselback tu kat luar dia crispy n isi dia lembut cuba bake lama skit sbb nk dlm pun crispy tp terhitam la pulak..:D

  2. salam Along..gebuzzzzznya roti,k.atie xpernah buat roti2 nih....bila la nk cuba lak yer?mintak kt umah Along dulu la....


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