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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jen's Bridal Shower Cupcakes

 I never took cake deco class before and using my own imagination and tips from the internet, I came up with these imperfectly decorated bunch of cupcakes. If you think that some of them look familiar that is not a coincidence because I browse through internet a lot for the deco ideas and collect bit here & there to come up with the above combination. One of them is certainly Mamafami's (the three rosettes) but don't remember the rest of sources... Anyway mine is far more inferior than theirs. Thanks to all...!

I promised Jen that we will throw her bridal shower party and I bake her chocolate cupcakes. I made the cupcakes in pink following her wedding color theme. Cik Liz came over to my house today's afternoon to help me playing with the buttercream icing. We had fun.....hehe. I hope these imperfect cupcakes will somehow lighten-up the party tomorrow evening... I'll share what happen in the party if I manage to snap some photos tomorrow...

For chocolate cupcake recipe, refer here.

Herewith the Buttercream recipe...
Source with compliments: Mamaleza (I hand-written)
250g Butter
250g Krimwell
250g Icing Sugar - sifted 
2 tbsp Fresh Milk

Beat butter & krimwell until fluffy.
Add in icing sugar & milk, beat until light.
Use plain or colored as preferred.

UPDATE: Just before the party, I managed to snap the individual cupcakes... keeping the photos here for my own reference.

This one is my own creation, have not seen it anywhere else... so don't ask me the name of the flowers... the big red heart in the middle is Cik Liz's idea:


  1. salam along...rase mcm nak cekup satu...cantik ..suker warnany :)))

  2. along, sweet jer cuppies tu.. as sweet as liana & mama nya :)

  3. walau x de amik class tp cam pro je Long, cantik n sweet... congrats!

  4. Lovely cupcakes! I'm so your friend Jen must be thrilled with these beautiful cupcakes.

  5. How many times have you actually done this? The cupcakes look like as though as you've been making them very often!

  6. Lovely cupcakes! colorful icing and very tempting. Ah i can just go on and on.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. along!! cantik betul rossette yg along buat.. congrat! nor suka yg ada love kat atas tu, lain dr yg lain.. comel :)

  8. alonggg...camne nak swirl rossete tuh erk??! sampai skrg kite tak pandai2 nk memusing jd cenggitu! sedey btol... liana, nnti ajo mamahana yer.. huhuu

  9. Hana,
    Start dari tengah, pastu pusing je keliling. Kat tengah tu pipe tinggi sikit sebelum pusing supaya tengah dia timbul. Lagi satu, buat satu pusingan je tau, kalau lebih nanti tak nampak cam bunga ros. Along punya pun bukan nya perfect lagi... kena praktis byk2...hehe.

  10. Oh. Those chocolaty cupcakes are really tempting! I would love to try those out!I think these chocolate cupcakes will really entertain our kids in our Halloween party! LOL.

  11. Oh! So indulging! I love all you cupcake designs. I should make some of this when our new baby girl turns into one year old.

  12. hi
    whats that actually?


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