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Monday, October 11, 2010

Women Gathering for Jen's Bridal Shower

 In between of our busy schedule, we stole some time to throw our lovely Jen a bridal shower right away after office hours. This time, Diana volunteered her house for the women's party.

Each of the women bought Jen little gift for fun... (the real gift will be on the wedding day).
 All the women joined Jen the fun of unwrapping the gifts.... lots of laughter...
 The bride-to-be with her cupcakes... (ignore the one next to her....hehe). See here for close-up on the cupcakes.
Although we only had a couple of hours for the party, we had loads of food to digest.... assorted pizzas, chicken wings, baked macaroni, salad, cakes, jelly and fruits.
 I love this garden salad which was mixed with balsamic vinegar... courtesy of Shuxian.
 Delicious cheesy baked macaroni by Cik Mal...
Batik Jelly, coutersy of Cik Roz... (that's me...hehe):

Last but not least, the very best wishes and all the happiness to Jen & Steven on their wedding and future marriage life from all your women colleague....


  1. salam along...blh ajar wat jelly batik tuh...*lg cun nampak cup cakes bila ade bakal pengantin and tukang bt cakenyer :)

  2. Hi KakRoz, Thank U for ur wishes ya! :D

    WOW, Jen looks absolutely gorgeous! Send her my wishes too...;)

    And U...stunning as always! That's a happening gathering I would say! Food, la la! :D

  3. Hai,
    Do you have the cheest baked macaroni recipe?


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