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Monday, November 22, 2010

Cream Puffs III

 Made this on AngahRuz's request and I was obliged because he's been studying hard lately to prepare for his SPM (his first paper will be tomorrow). Besides the two big boyz, Liana loves it too & she had three pieces in one serving and wanted more.... have not seen her eating that much of anything else before.... anyway gotta to stop her as not to spoil her appetite for dinner.
This version produces very nice crispy pastry and it did not shrink after came out from the oven. The inside also cooked well and most of all very delicious with the custard filling. This is the best cream puff recipe of all that I tried - perfect pastry & creamy custard filling.

Source: Roz@HomeKreation
(Makes 3 dozen)
250ml Water
78g Butter
93g Flour
4 Eggs

1. Place water & butter in a saucepan & boil.
Remove from heat & add flour, all at once.
Beat with wooden spoon until well mixed.
Return to heat & stir until smooth & non-sticky.
Cool slightly.
2. Beat in egg, one at a time until light.
3. Pipe or spoon onto greased baking tray.
4. Bake at 250C for 10 min, then 180C for 15 min until golden.
Cool on rack.
5. Inject custard filling.

2 Egg Yolks
50g Caster Sugar
30g Flour
200ml Fresh Milk
- Mix all & stir cook until thick & glossy.
- Alternatively microwave for 5 min, stir every 1 min.

The puffs before been stuffed with filling and without make-up:


  1. Can't wait for the recipe...definitely gonna try it...i can't believe that u have a son sitting for SPM....u look so young...looking at your profile picture mmg i x percaya u dah ada anak bujang..all the best to your son...

  2. Salam Along

    Lama tak lawat blog along...busy sikit. puff ni sejak balik belum buat lagi.
    dah tengok teresek Along masak...sedapkan teresek ni,kalau kat Kel dulu2 femes teresek sbg lauk kenduri.
    Comeii Liana.....dah pandai cakap..seronokkan dgn anak2 mula pandai cakap.kalau dkt boleh sembang dgn Syakirah..Syakirah pun dah boleh sebut pktn2..kdg2 lucu bunyinya..

  3. Hi Kak, I've come to grab ur cream puffs! hehehe ;)

    Brought U some murukku as na?

    All the Best to Ur son for his SPM!!!

  4. along, cream puff 2 mmg menggoda jiwa btl la.. nak2 pulak ade coklat kt atas tu,mau xhengat donia kalau stat mkn camni.. mie bleh kawan dgn liana ni, 3 skali hadap,,lupa..along anto mie sikit tau...banyak pn lagiiii xpe..

  5. My MAA,
    Thanks for the compliment. Well the profile photo was taken 2 years ago...may not look as good by now as ageing accelerates faster at this age. Thanks for the wish for my 2nd son.

    Thanks for your support!

    Wsalam. Sure best kalau Liana dpt kwn Syakirah sembang2 kan...hehe

    Thanks for the Murukku & wish for my son.

    Along buat 3 dozen pun tak cukup cp ni mkn mcm masuk angin je...tak rasa kenyang pun..hehe

  6. OK finally, i br sempat singgah ur blog...n the recipe is here :)....sorry Roz, just wanna ask u some silly questions....from step 2 to 3 tu i dah lost...
    step 2: after u beat the egg then add it into the batter, or beat the egg into the batter one at a time?
    step 3: before baking the batter tu buat mcm jemput2 ke?
    step 4: how do i inject the custard?
    uwaaaaa so many questions (tu la...dok obersi nie bila teringin nak makan semua pun nak kena buat sendiri..nak beli takut tak halal..dulu take for granted lgsg x pandai masak...aduhhh)

    Thanks Roz..

    p/s: is that ur 2 nd son whom sitting for spm? so means that u have another elder son? no doubt u mmg awet muda...any tips? hehehe..:)


  7. Maz,
    Thanks for asking, not silly at all. I actually missed out one step - was very tired that night - see step 3.
    I used icing case with syringe shape to inject. If you don't have, just make a slit & spoon the custard in.
    My eldest son is in pre-uni program & going to USA next year for his 2nd year uni. Takda tips lah... hehe.

  8. Oh tqvm Kak Roz...(rasa kekok nak panggil u kak roz sbb u nie nampak tersangatlah mudanya though i know u lebih senior)...when u mentioned ur eldest son is in pre-uni program lg la i tergezuttt..sbb my youngest brother pun sebaya ur eldest son tgh buat preuni....hmmm your eldest son sure will be missing his lovely mum's cooking bila dok perantauan mcm i nie...hehe..

  9. Maz,
    Thanks for the compliment, my children's friends also said that I look young, perhaps due to my small size. But I don't look so young when I carry my youngest daughter...hehe. What are you doing in Australia & are you alone or with family?

  10. Yes...when i first visited ur blog I read a post regarding ur daughter. I thought she's ur first child. Tak sangka rupanya dah ada 2 org anak bujang. How many kids do u have? I'm on study leave buat phd. I'm here with my family. InsyaAllah next year balik yehooooo bole makan mcm2 n tunggu u jemput I dtg makan hehehe....Maila sini jalan2!
    Kak Roz I dah buat last nite (dgn penuh semangat coz the bhn semua ada) but why is my batter so thin that when I pipe dia tak nak bentuk n end up jd flat. So I campur sikit lg tepung. Br senang sikit nak pipe. I don't know what to expect the outcome since this is my first trial. Is it supposedly to be crispy? Mine
    x la crispy sgt but still sedap my eldest son makan 15 biji sorang!!! hehe mmg

  11. Maz,
    I have 3 boys and a girl. My third is Form4 this yr.
    Mmg cair sikit bancuhan dia tp akan gelembung bila bake. Taklah crispy cam biskut lak tp tak lembik - some recipe produces soggy pastry, so in comparative term. This version is close to what I used to eat in London. May be you can compare to ones sold in Australia to have a feel.

  12. Hi,
    Always enjoy reading your blog. Made these puffs yesterday and experience the same as My MAA above. The batter is so thin that it just flatten on the tray. Is the amount of flour correct? Most recipes would have used 1 cup of flour which is about 125g. I did not add extra flour and the puffs rose a little in the oven with irregular shapes. They were crispy fresh from the oven but soften later. The taste is good though.

  13. Tammy,
    I've just checked the recipe in the book again in case I made typo error and it is correct. I recalled that the batter was indeed thinner than other version I made but it puffed up well in the oven. Make sure you follow the recommended oven temperature at 250C for the first 10min to puff them up then lower to 180C to ensure fully cooked in the inside. Hope it helps.


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