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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crispy Salmon Dinner Set

 I bought whole Salmon weighted about 3 kg which can serve us whole family for two times. So here what I did with half of the Salmon...... Crispy Salmon served with Garlic Bread, Crab Potato, Baked Plum Tomatoes, Lettuce and Balsamic Sauce. Below photo has an additional item i.e. spaghetti cheese on my sons' request. We felt terribly full after the dinner... such a big portion!

 Top view:
 Here is the 3kg fish that I bought:
Here is where I learned how to make the crispy salmon and crab potato:


  1. You are feeding THIS to your family?!!
    How lucky they are!!! Imagine western food at home!!

  2. What a lovely platter!!! Love is here to grab that whole set! hehehe ;)

    Hi Kak, hru doing??? Thank U so much for wishing me on my birthday ya! Lambat pun takpe...hehehe! :D

  3. uwaaaa... sedapnya menu akak ni...
    minta 1 porsi donk.. hihihi


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