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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grill Black Pepper Steak

 I had fresh beef from the mosque for my share of Qurban this year. In fact we had three portions, two qurbans (mine & hubby's) and Liana's aqiqah. My hubby picked it up from the mosque just few hours after the cow was slaughtered so the beef was really fresh and sweet. 

I saw Nor (Tganu) making baked black pepper beef from her qurban meat and that gave me an idea to do the same. I gave a kg of the beef to my friend Hatta and he told me that he made pan-grill steak. So I decided to do something along those ideas.

I made two portions, one was rare & the other was well done. Only me and AngahRuz enjoyed rare steak which is more juicy and tender. The steak was very tasty and the Thai chili sauce wasn't really necessary.

Here is how I made mine:
500g Beef - about 1" thick
Black Pepper sauce
Olive Oil

1. Marinate beef with black pepper sauce (I marinated 6 hours in fridge).
2. Heat up grill pan (pan with raised ridges) with some olive oil until really hot.
3. Pour olive oil on meat & place in the grill pan.
4. Cook one side for 5 min without touching.
5. Flip & cook another 5 min.
Let it rest for 5 min with heat off.
a. Do not overcook otherwise the meat will be tough.
b. Do not prick the meat while cooking as you will spoil the taste if doing so.
6. Slice thinly & serve with Thai chili sauce.


  1. along, nampak cam daging yg rare cook tu along iris ikut urat jer (urat tu jd memanjang).. kalau hiris gitu, liat sket la.. along kena hiris lawan urat baru tak liat :) sori ya kalau nor memandai2 jer hehe

  2. Nor,
    Memang Along sengaja potong cam tu. Actually tak liat & senang nak koyak ikut urat dia cuma pastikan jangan overcook. Tapi kalau nak masak lauk gulai atau goreng, along potong lawan urat mcm Nor cadangkan tu. No prolem kasi cadangan, kita belajar sesama sendiri.

  3. hmmm terliurnya...tahun ni tak korban dan tak dapat daging korban :)..sedap btol jika panggang daging yang fresh begini:)

  4. ooooo ok2... stail masing2 kan.. hehe

  5. salam along ..... wahhh nampak sedaplah daging grill black pepper tu .... terliur rasa ... khai nak minta izin ambik resepi yer ...leh tak .....

  6. cikmanggis,
    Kalau kita dua dok dekat, mmg Along kasi sikit kat CM...

    Khai Adry,
    Wsalam. Silakan... you are welcome to try the recipe.


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