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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stir-Fried Black Pepper Beef

 More beef menu lately to clear stock from Qurban & Aqiqah..... This is my family's favourite dish. My third son UsuRaz had double plates of rice & 2 slices toasted bread to go with this dish.

Source: Roz@HomeKreation
500g Beef - sliced 
8 Shallots*
1/2 Big Onion*
3 cloves Garlic*
2" Ginger*
1 tbsp Black Pepper Corns*
1 tbsp Fennel Seeds* (* blended) 
3 tbsp Chili Paste
4 tbsp Soy Sauce
1 Red Capcicum - sliced
3 Green Chilies - sliced
1 Tomato - diced 
1 Big Onion - diced
Coriander leaves - garnishes
Salt (if necessary since soy sauce is already salty)

1. Heat up 1/2 cup oil & fry chili paste until fragrant.
Add in blended ingredients & stir until fragrant.
Add in soy sauce, beef & some water and let it cooked.
(I actually pressure cook at this point. If you do not have pressure pot, you may need to add some water to let the beef cooked properly).

2. Add in the rest of ingredients & stir another minute.
Dish out & sprinkle chopped coriander leaves.

3. Serve with hot rice  or roti.


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