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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


 My third son nagged me for beef folders but there is no Tortillas sold in Miri's bakeries. So I ended up making my own Tortillas which I've been wanting to try to make anyway. I was so surprised how easy to make this - a lot easier than making Roti Canai because less kneading & moulding effort. The recipe from the book is very good and produces the right texture of Tortillas just like what I used to buy from Giant supermarket in Taiping.

Watch out the next post to see how I served this with beef filling.
Source: Alex Goh (book)
(Makes 10 pieces)
250g Plain Flour*
1 tsp Baking Powder*
1/2 tsp Salt* (* sifted together) - orig measurement is 1 tsp
55g Shortening
175ml Warm Water - HomeKreation: I did not use all

1. Rub shortening into flour mixture & add water to form a smooth dough.
2. Cover with cling film & rest 15 min.
3. Divide into 10 balls & rest 10 mins.
4. Roll out each ball between 2 pieces of plastic to 8" round.
To get this size, you need to roll the dough to the thinnest possible.
4. Cook it on a non-stick pan & flip when the surface starts to bubble.
Cook the other side until the surface has brownish spots.
5. Serve with your favourite fillings for examples salads, chicken, beef or seafood.


  1. memang suka gak buat tortilla ni..sbb tak berbaloi beli.

    syukur dpt share dgn hb beli oven tu..senang skt nak bakar. oh yer ker gambar tu tak keluar..

  2. nmpk cam senang jer tp kena cuba dulu la...hehe. bila tgk iklan kfc kt tv, slalu ada tortilla ni filling mcm2....terliur jgk ;-) tp nk beli x halal. klu ready made tortilla kt pasaraya tu x penah tergerak plak hati nk tgk & beli. tp ni dh ada resepi ni, bleh la cuba...harap2 menjadi. mekasih yer along ^_^

  3. sedapnye nmpk tortilla tu makan cecah dgn susu pn best ni. nnt nk try buat pizza guna tortilla la as base. aritu dh try capati, nnt nk try tortilla plk...

  4. alamak..bestnya dah ada resepi buat tortilla...tq along..izinkan kak ham copy ya...

  5. Salam Along..terima kasih ya..makcikmanggis dah buat Tortillas dgn bergayanya.Thank you ya...akan buat lagi dan lagi:)

  6. Salam Roz,

    Yr tortilla look very tempting not to try out the recipe.
    Boleh tk replc the shortening with margerine?


  7. KakIna,
    Mmg berbaloi buat sendiri, 250g tpg dpt 10 biji... 10x lebih murah...hehe

    Yes, I feel happy about it too.

    Cubalah Ina, senang je nak buat ni. Pas tu boleh isi dgn apa2 yg suka....walaaa

    Good idea buat piza... along pun nak cuba gak idea ni.

    Tentu saja boleh, cepat2 buat ya.

    Wsalam. Along dah tengok. Memang bergaya betul totilla CM.

    Boleh tapi kalau guna margarine totilla tu tak putih.


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