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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tortilla Folders II


 We love our Tortillas crispy.... to achieve that I reheat the Tortillas, each with a teaspoon of butter to get a more brown effect. This time the beef filling is with black pepper sauce (the first recipe version was with chili sauce).

Source: HomeKreation
(Makes 10 folders)
10 pieces Tortilla - see here 
200-300g Beef - chopped
1 Red Chili - sliced
1/2" Ginger - pounded
3 cloves Garlic - chopped
1/2 Big Onion
Salt & Pepper
Shredded Cabbage
Chopped Tomatoes
Black Pepper / Brown Sauce
Cheese Slices

1.  Heat up few tbsp oil & add in ginger, garlic, chili, beef, salt & pepper.
Cook until beef is done & add in big onion, shredded cabbage & tomatoes.
Off heat.

2.Heat up 1 tsp butter in a flat pan & place a piece of Tortilla (this is to brown the tortilla so that it becomes crispy).
Place a scoop of beef filling, 1 tbsp brown sauce, mayonaise & cheese slice.
Fold into two & lift out from the pan.
Repeat with the remaining Tortillas.


  1. everytime I made tortilla or roti (chapati), it always turned out crispy, even when I'd prefer it fluffy ;-)

    You should try making corn tortilla next time if you like crispy tortilla. I think it uses cornmeal rather than regular flour.

    Also, you can potong those tortilla into triangles, and goreng to make tortilla chips. I always like those.


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