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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Banana Chips II

I've got abundance of bananas, so I have to come up with different varieties of products. So far, this week I have made Banana Chips, Banana Fritters and a cake. I have turned the last batch of unripe bananas into this Banana Chips of different shape than the one I typically made in the past. The problem with this version that it is gone before you actually realise it because it is so light & fine shape.

Apart from Roses, I love Lavenders....
Recipe created by: Roz@HomeKreation
Unripe Bananas
Oil for deepfry

1. Cut bananas into the required length if using Horn Bananas. No need to cut for smaller types.
Grate bananas (lengthwise) into match stick shapes.
2. Sprinkle salt & mix well.
3. Deep fry until crispy.
 This is the grater that I used:


  1. satu idea yang bagus .selalunya kita potong bulat....tapi jika masak benda camni kat rumah cm ni..hmm tak sempat tengok dah habis hehe ramai peminat....Ceria ceria selalu :)

  2. Woww beautiful chips, sooo pretty..

  3. Your banana chips just like a potato chips ... hahahha ... so tempting & yummy! Thanks for sharing with us your grater picture, will certainly buy if I see this in the market. Hahahhahaa ....


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