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Monday, December 20, 2010

Banana Tartlets

 This is a recipe that I've created myself after watching AFC on tv. It was just a quick show with no recipe given and I searched the AFC website for the recipe with no success. I was so curious how the tarts would taste with mashed banana filling that I decided to do it by trial & error. I am very please with the result and amazingly very delicious filling. My two boys and hubby enjoyed it so much that they asked me to make this again...! I'm so delighted with satisfaction....
Recipe Owner: Roz@HomeKreation
Makes about One Dozen (depending on the size)
One portion Sweet Shortcrust Pastry (Can use any recipe. See below the version I used) 
480g Bananas (I used Pisang Emas) 
50g Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Essence

1. Divide pastry into two portions.
Line greased tartlet moulds with 2/3rd of the shortcrust pastry.
Bake 180C for 15min.

2. Mashed bananas & sugar.
Place in a pot with VE & cook until it is thick.

3. Place a tbsp of banana filling into case.
Cover with the remaining 1/3rd pastry like shown in the photos.
Brush surface with beaten egg.
Bake 180C for 30min.
Source: Roz@HomeKreation
200g Flour
30g Cornflour
125g Cold Butter - cut small 
65g Caster Sugar
1 small Egg
1 Egg Yolk
1 tsp VE

Mix all using processor to form dough.
Do not knead but mix just enough to bind.
Chill 30 min in fridge before use.


  1. salam along..
    rajin & sangat kreatif along bereksperimen.. mungkin boleh cuba one day kalaulah diriku ini rajin nak menggentel crustnya tu.. hehehe.. tp serius ni... fillingnya tu betul2 buat kita teringin nak merasa...heheh..

  2. along,nak jgk!!!! kretipla along ni...sempat lagi wat eksperimen tu..mst best kan along...nnt buat lagi mie nak jgk ehh...setengah dozen pn jadila,heheheh....

    *along, sekut koko tu mie punya maybe xserangup yg lain sebab agak tebal tapi agak melt dlm mulot gakla..tapi seyes along, sgt sedap..

  3. Wah....... mashed bananas as filling!
    Truly different!

  4. resepi ori dari dapur Along ni hehe.Tahniah ya.

  5. Cute and scrumptious tartlets..


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